July 2017
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CSEIP Recertification Program
In March 2017, the Secure Technology Alliance began offering a recertification program for CSEIP recipients. Recertification extends the value of the CSEIP certification by demonstrating that the CSEIP certificant is current with new technologies approved by GSA for implementing ePACS systems and refreshes knowledge of the best practices for design and implementation of government security solutions.

Benefits of Recertification
Recertification provides confirmation to industry colleagues, business partners and potential customers that the certificant:

  • Maintains competency and has the necessary working understanding of Federal E-PACS system requirements, system design, engineering and life cycle disciplines covered under the CSEIP certification
  • Is proven to possess continued eligibility to participate in contracts serving Federal E-PACS project

Recertification Duration
The CSEIP certification is valid for two (2) calendar years, in line with federal agency requirements, and the recertification extends that for another two years.  CSEIPs who completed their certifications in 2014 and 2015 must complete their recertification in 2017.

Upcoming Recertification Dates
For complete information on recertification, including exam dates and fees, visit https://www.securetechalliance.org/activities-cseip-recertification/
CSEIP Recertifications
Congratulations to the following individuals who passed the recertification exam. These 48 professionals have ensured they can continue to participate in contracts serving Federal E-PACS projects, and enjoy the fact that they are CSEIP certified for another two years:
2017 CSEIP Recertified
  • Gunvir Baveja, eVigilant.com
  • Thirl Berry, Executive Technologies
  • Ryan Breeden, Pentagon Force Protection Agency
  • Christopher Byron, CertiPath
  • Jacob Cangeosi, Trofhoz Technoogies
  • Richard Case, Systems Engineering
  • Tachung Chang, Integrated Security Technologies
  • Forrest Davenport, ICF International
  • Richard Dietz, Parsons Corporation
  • Susan Doherty, Security Install Solutions
  • Christopher Downey, Stanley Security
  • Nasir Durrani, Parsons Corporation
  • David Fick, Pentagon Force Protection Agency
  • Clyde Fox, Tyco Integrated Security
  • Ken George, Caprock Consulting Group
  • Derek Greenland, Lenel Systems International
  • Clifford Hall, Cliff Hall Consulting
  • Donald Hamilton, Department of Homeland Security
  • Brian Havekost, Signet
  • Roy Hayes, Systems Engineering, Inc.
  • Jacob Haymore, Tyco Integrated Security
  • David Helbock, XTec
  • Nathan Hott, Genesis Security Systems
  • Nicholas Johnson, M.C. Dean
  • Mike Kelley, Parsons
  • Erik Larsen, Tyco Integrated Security
  • Brian Mann, SETEC
  • Michael Margolis, Integrated Security Technologies
  • Marcus Mathis, Security Install Solutions
  • Corey McKinney, Identiv
  • Brian Mooney, Genesis Security Systems
  • Dan Novak, Convergint Technologies
  • Dougas Oelberg, Department of Homeland Security
  • John Placious, Integrated Security Technologies
  • Douglas Ritchey, National Institute of Standards & Technology
  • Roger Roehr, Pentagon Force Protection Agency
  • Robert Rofsen, Johnson Controls
  • Jeff Ryder, Tyco Integrated Security
  • John Schiefer, XTec
  • Blake Smith, Gallagher Group Limited
  • Adam Somers, M.C. Dean
  • Kathryn Spanger, M.C. Dean
  • Nigel Stewart, Parsons
  • Galen Weimer, Communications Resource
  • William Windsor, Department of Treasury
  • Edward Yu, Parsons
  • Shawn Zartman, Integrated Security Technologies

Welcome New CSCIP/CSEIP Certification Recipients
Congratulations to the following individuals who recently received their certification credentials.

  • Maziya Mavvaj
  • Nikita Jain, American Express
  • Rebecca Jackson, XTec*
  • Apurv Tripathi, American Express


  • Ahamad Ahamad, Malaysian Electronic Payment System
  • Lokesh Rachuri, Capgemini
  • John Xie, Foothill Transit
  • Husaini Zakeri, Bhd


  • Neil Bolin, CertiPath
  • Michael Casey, CertiPath
  • Eric Johnson, Volta Systems Group
  • Robert Krecker, Booz Allen Hamilton
  • James Pinckney, BAE Systems
  • Nicola Pisani, M.C. Dean
  • Bruce Riddle, Environmental Protection Agency
  • Jefferson Tross, Versar
  • Brandan Willing, ASI


*Denotes corporate exam. To make arrangements for a group of employees to take a corporate exam, please contact Lars Suneborn at lsuneborn@securetechalliance.org
2017 Upcoming Training and Exam Dates

These trainings will be held at the National Center of Advanced Payments and Identity Security located in Crystal City, just outside of Washington, D.C. at 2900 Crystal Drive, Arlington, Virginia.


  • CSCIP/G Training and Exam, October 17, 2017 (training) and October 18, 2017 (exam)


  • CSCIP/P Training and Exam, September 5, 2017 (training) and September 6, 2017 (exam)
More CSCIP Resources:
  • Download the CSCIP, CSCIP/G and/or CSCIP/P Exam Registration and Documentation Order Form - Fillable Word Form, PDF
  • Visit the CSCIP portion of the website for more information


  • CSEIP Training and Exam, August 29-31, 2017
More CSEIP resources:
New Resources Available
We encourage you to take a look at the many Secure Technology Alliance and U.S. Payments Forum educational resources available to you, including resources exclusively available for LEAP members, CSCIP recipients and CSEIP recipients.
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